survivors of Trafficking & Sex workers seeking justice

We VIMUKTHI (A state level collective of Survivors of Trafficking & Sex workers) are facing extreme pathetic conditions including our children since the 1st wave of COVID 19. No representation still not recognized us as informal workers in the state of AP and no care and concern taken over to save our lives yet.  No support services reached out to us. Our quest to enjoy our rights as other unorganized sector workers sowed at first wave of COVID still remained in vain.

The NHRC’s first advisory during Oct 2020 gone futile without any result-oriented action by the state even after the issue of its Advisory 2.0 in May 2021 for safeguarding the rights of informal workers during second wave and now it is the wake of Third Wave of the pandemic. Still, we fight for our rights and our genuine demands  in the wake of COVID 19 as we are the survivors seeking justice.